Sunday, November 26, 2006


Mundane people lead mundane lives, hence my apprehensionon updating this blog. This time however, shows that great boredom can be a powerful motivator.

Its november and open season for birthdays again. Ah, how we humans love to celebrate ourselves, the one day where common people like me and you bask in the attention of love ones and friends. Why else would people celebrate a date of which they were forcefully thrusted out of the comfort of the womb and into the harsh reality of life?

Then again, I haven't really lived the "harsh" life yet. Personally, even the thought of facing a calculating potential employer in a job interview drums up emotions of dread. Living a sheltered life affords me the opportunity to bitch and whine about 'most tinsy bit of hardship. Maybe someone should just ship me to lebanon and experience what a day of arty and airstrikes can teach one about hardship.

Call me pussy~ meow... -_-


Deathnote didn't disappoint, having not read the manga certainly goes a long way when you want to experience every twist and turn the plot methodically drives you through. Production values wise, this little offering would fit better as a hit TV series than a blockbuster.

Casino Royale rocked my world, especially if you were, like me, one of those that thought " James Bond should just contract AIDS and die~! I want a Solid Snake movie~!" Daniel Craig is an odd choice but delivers an excellent portrayal of a Brash Bond with his his newly accquired double O status and with it, Killer skills and that same old Ego :) Masterfully delivered dialogue makes the literal war of words just as gripping as the war with bullets and bombs surrouding our protagonist. A must watch for those jaded by this franchise.

"oh yes~, flame me with your fiesty sarcasmic words M"


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