Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ORD thoughts

"Its like lugging a boar carcass up the stairs"

This is the end. The end of the long 2 year journey of which a boy becomes a man (or whatever it is I am now). It came slowly, gradually till a point which I realize that I'm no longer CPL CHEN, but Mr. Chen.

Those 2 years may be just a blink in the dreary eyes of Life, yet encompassed in them are memories now etched into the very core of my being. Wet, muddy and miserable moments are always accompanied by triumphant feelings of a job well done, often with your trusted fellow soldiering friends at your side. Even spending time in camp bitching about all sorts of topics (like would the cookhouse one-up itself by serving even worst tasting food than now? Which sergeant is a back-stabbing a**?) can be a moral boosting activity. Living with 10 people, of differing race and ideals 5 days a week, in the same room for 2 years can be a life changing (for better or worst?) experience.

Thus, as I stare at this load of meaningful junk that I hauled 4 stories down and another 700m to the nearest cab then up again to my little old 2nd floor flat, I think to myself...