Sunday, June 17, 2007

Manian mania

DJ Manian(2nd from right) with DJ Yanou and Natalie Horler
(1st and 2nd from left) comprises CASCADA

Star struck~! Those words defined my state at the Eurodance party down at OOSH, Having known that Manian (1/3 of German eurodance group Cascada) would be spinning along with other guest DJs, Naksi vs Brunner, from Hungary. My Euro-Buddy Aik and I dropped by the seemingly Uber-Ulu, Dempsey road venue via cab (on a rainy night no less), only to be greeted by the sight of 2 neat rows of luxury transportation (namely Porsches, Ferraris and the like) nicely parked at the lot in front of OOSH.

Our fears were confirmed after we entered the establishment and saw hordes of yuppies and rich expats' offsprings, dressed in sharp and expensive treads, mingling in the posh setting of the OOSH bar. Aik and I on the other hand, being impeccably Singaporean, simply wore t-shirts and jeans. Such self-embarassment continued when we proceeded to get a jug of house pour and I non-chalantly whipped out a 50, only to be told it was 67 BUCKS~! (WTF~!~!). Utterly bummed-out, we slithered back to our little standing table and ordered modest 10 bucks a glass drinks, hoping the music would be our salvation.

Naksi vs Brunner didn't disappoint, dishing out house and trancey hits smoove as a baby's bottom, yet as skilled as the Duo are, we couldn't help but feel that while the chill factor was present, there wasn't the High-energy rifts euro-lovers like us craved. Prayers were answered when Manian took the table at 12:30 and immediately people were seen shuffling to the impromtu dance floor and boogied to the non-stop Euro dance. This heart-thumpping session lasted only till 2, but we cherished every moment even as we felt the wave of nostalgia for the Singapore eurdance scene now long dead, get revived one night only.

It was then that i told Aik we should get a shot in with manian for boosting rights and he got out his...(using sarcastic caps here) UBER COOL 2.5 G VGA CAMERA PHONE of <2>

Probably the closest I'll get to Germany and actual Eurodance

Aik, DJ Manian and my Photoshop adjust brightness option

Manian and why Aik should get a new camera phone


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