Thursday, August 02, 2007

Live Who?

To think Al Gore had something going with The Inconvenient Truth, he had to kill it all with this Live Earth bullcrap. Oh... Al had me going for awhile, the snappy awareness ads that flash between programs, feeding us with little tidbits on how to use that much less of mother earth's resources. And the concerts, with the who's who of the world music scene seemingly banding together for the 24 hour single event that might have become the single defining conservation movement of this decade....

Any good that may had came from all that was promptly squashed by the mammoth event itself. As millions poured into the eight giant venues, along with their carbon spewing transports and snack consumuption inducing heaps of trash, which includes the megastars and the stage help. To find out if u have been like me, fooled by this charade of corporate pandering, watch this video posted on the blog The Largest Minority.


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